SJC Precision INC.

  • At SJC Precision Inc., we empower companies to bring newest innovations in manufacturing to the market in a timely fashion by assisting with end to end support, right from the design phase to tooling, machining, and final inspection

On-time Delivery
Best in Class Solutions

At SJC, our team comes with decades of experience across multiple industries and fabrication processes, right from machining and sheet metal to molding and 3D design and printing.

Capacity Flexibility

Capacity is a non-issue at SJC since we are open to work with partners too. We ensure that no matter what, a quality job is delivered well within time and at costs that keep your finance department happy too.

Quality and Timely Delivery

Like we have mentioned earlier as well, if it isn’t accurate, and not delivered on time- it simply isn’t us! After all, a customer happiness score of 4.95/5 isn’t obtained just like that?

Our Mission

  • SJC Precision Inc. aims to become the one-stop shop for your manufacturing needs. We make it easy for all our customers by providing the most effective means of turning your ideas into manufactured reality.
  • Capabilities span across designing to full production runs and inspection
  • Customer success score of 4.95/5 throughout.
  • Machining accuracies up to +/-0.0001 inches achieved.
Years of Experience
Successful Projects

Our Way of Working

Faster Shop to Market

Once you have shared your requirements with us, we ensure that you get a quote at the earliest, then the designs get approved asap so that the development can start and you are able to meet your deadline at all costs.

Better Designing

Be it DFM analysis, identifying the high potential issues, delivering immediate solutions, discussing the design execution challenges, or offering post-production support, we at SJC have you covered throughout.

Risk Minimisation

Our state-of-art technology and machining ensures design validation before capital investments are made. Hence, we are able to manufacture at scale, as well as cater to on-demand production by managing demand volatility and minimising production delays.

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